Attorney Admissions

Attorney Admissions

U.S. District Court

Attorney admissions are governed by LR 83.1

Attorneys who wish to be admitted to practice in the Southern District of Iowa must:

  • Be in good standing as an attorney admitted to practice in the courts of the State of Iowa. The Southern District of Iowa interprets “good standing” as an attorney fulfilling all requirements to become a member of The Southern District of Iowa bar and currently has no recorded disciplinary actions.
  • Have completed a minimum of six (6) hours of continuing legal education (CLE) in the federal practice area within the last 2 years. Please submit a separate document with the legal education courses(s), seminar(s) or conference(s) attended, dates attended, location, subject(s) covered, and the number of approved hours.  Recent graduates may use approved hours taken in law school.

The admissions process is completed by submitting admission paperwork and the $181 fee through the court’s Case Management/Electronic Case Files (CM/ECF) System.  The clerk’s office will confirm counsel’s standing with Iowa bar.  The certificate of admission will be mailed once the application has been approved.  Applicants can check their admission status by logging back into the admission system.

Attorneys who already have a login and password for the Southern District of Iowa, but are not a member of the Southern District of Iowa bar may log in to CM/ECF with their Southern District of Iowa login and password.  To file admission paperwork, go to “Civil”, “Other Filings”, “Admissions”.    The $181.00 fee will be submitted during the filing process.  Admissions staff will review the petition and other documentation.  Counsel will receive a registration completion email granting full access to CM/ECF.  Please allow 10 days to receive the order of admission and certificate of admission.

Quick overview of process:

  • Counsel enters the Attorney Registration System and submits request for CM/ECF registration.
  • Admissions staff  reviews submission and verifies IA state bar standing.
  • Counsel receives email for email verification confirmation.
  • Admissions staff updates CM/ECF user record.
  • Counsel receives email with login and limited access to file admission petition and pay fee.  (Prior to entering CM/ECF, all admission paperwork should be completed and saved to desktop in pdf format)
  • Admissions staff reviews petition and other documentation.*
  • Counsel receives registration complete email granting full access to CM/ECF. *
  • Admissions staff mails approving order and certificate of admission to counsel (processing time approximately 10 days). *

Note: Items marked with * will be the only steps that apply to an attorney that already has access to CM/ECF.

Enter the Attorney Registration System and begin the admissions process.

If you have additional questions, please contact us at 515-323-2842.

Bankruptcy Court

For attorneys needing to be admitted to the Southern District of Iowa Bankruptcy Court, the rules above also apply.  Once admitted to practice in District court, attorneys need to submit an Attorney/Creditor Registration Form for Electronic Case Filing System with Bankruptcy court.  There is also a CM/ECF training course requirement with Bankruptcy court.

Certificate of Good Standing

Please email certificate of good standing requests to Once the request is received, a cashier will contact you to collect the $19 fee.  If you have additional questions, please contact us at 515-323-2842.