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The Naturalization Ceremony

In the Southern District of Iowa, naturalization ceremonies are held in the Des Moines and Davenport Divisions. Naturalization ceremonies are open to the public and are held at the Courthouse approximately once per month in Des Moines, and approximately four times per year in Davenport. On the day of the ceremony, applicants are processed by USCIS Officers. Each applicant should bring the U.S. issued Permanent Resident Care (green card), U.S. issued Visa, and all other travel documents.

2021 Des Moines Naturalization Ceremonies

All ceremonies will be held at the Federal Building, beginning at 11:00AM unless otherwise noted.

January 14th
February 5th

March 3rd (2:00 PM and 3:00 PM)
April 23rd
May 26th

June 16th
July 6th (6:25 PM I-Cubs Game)
September 17th (World Food and Music Festival)


2021 Davenport Naturalization Ceremonies

All ceremonies begin at 11:00AM unless otherwise noted.

March 19th
June 18th
September 24th
December 17th