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Annual Renewal Fee

The Northern and Southern Districts of Iowa no longer require biennial CLE reporting. Every lawyer, in order to maintain good standing to practice in this district, must pay an annual fee of $25 per district, as further described in Local Rule 83(c)(4).

Annual Admission Renewal Instructions 2018

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Annual Renewal Fee FAQs

  • What are the annual renewal fee requirements?

    All attorneys are required to pay an annual fee of $25 to each district of admission by March 1st of every year.

  • If an attorney is admitted in both the Northern and Southern District of Iowa, do they need to pay the annual fee in each jurisdiction?

    Yes. Fees must be paid separately to each district every year.

  • What happens if an attorney fails to pay the annual fee as required?

    Any attorney who fails to pay the required fee will be suspended from federal practice in the Southern District of Iowa.

  • Is there an option for an attorney to be classified as inactive?

    Yes. If an attorney does not want to remain active, they can go to inactive status. If an inactive attorney wishes to become active again, they must pay the annual fee. Readmission is not necessary. While inactive, the attorney cannot practice in the federal court.

    To change status from active to inactive, call the Attorney Admissions line at 515-323-2842.

  • Can an attorney request an extension to pay the annual fee?

    No. The Court does not grant extensions to pay the annual renewal fee. The fee must be paid no later than March 1st.

  • What happens if an attorney forgets their CM/ECF password or user name?

    If any attorney forgets their password, it can be reset by completing the steps at this link: If the attorney cannot remember their user name, or are uncertain if their primary email address is correct, they should contact the Clerk’s Office Attorney Admissions line by calling 515-323-2842.

  • Who do I contact if I have additional questions or need additional assistance?

    You should contact the Attorney Admissions Specialist at 515-323-2842 or

  • Are legal aid attorneys or attorneys that have accepted pro bono cases exempt from the annual fee?

    No, all attorneys are required to pay the annual fee.

  • If an attorney paid in the previous year, do they still have to pay for this upcoming year?

    Yes, each attorney must pay the $25 fee every year.

  • Are firms able to pay for multiple attorneys at once?

    No, each attorney must pay their fee separately.