Attorneys who wish to be admitted to practice pro hac vice on a case must:

  • Pay the required $75.00 pro hac vice admission fee (Exception: no fee in criminal case).
  • Be a member in good standing of the bar of another State or Federal court
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In civil or miscellaneous cases, the Motion for Admission Pro Hac Vice should be filed electronically to the pending case by local counsel. The fee will be paid on-line through PAY.GOV.  The CM/ECF electronic registration form must be attached to the motion unless counsel has previously submitted one to the Clerk of Court for processing.

  • A Pro Hac Vice attorney may file their own Motion for Admission Pro Hac Vice electronically if local counsel has appeared on the pending case and a CM/ECF registration form is received for processing.
  • An email will be sent to the attorney with the login and password after the registration form is processed.
  • After the email is received, the motion for admission pro hac vice must be filed electronically to the case.
  • The fee will be paid on line through PAY.Gov

Do not submit another CM/ECF registration confirmation for electronic filing if one was previously processed for the pro hac vice attorney.  The login and password does not change unless counsel has changed it themselves in the ECF system.

In Criminal cases, local counsel is not required and no fee will be assessed.   However, a lawyer appearing pro hac vice in a criminal case is required to register in the court’s ECF system and file the motion pro hac vice electronically.  (LR 83.1.d.)


In consolidated civil cases, only one motion and one payment is necessary in the LEAD case only.

Pro Hac Vice was granted and the fee paid for the same client previously in a PENDING case.