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Pro Hac Vice Attorney Admissions

A lawyer who is not a member of the bar of the district may be admitted to practice in a particular case pro hac vice by filing a motion. By asking to be admitted, the lawyer agrees that they will submit to and comply with all requirements of the Iowa Rules of Professional Conduct.

Pro Hac Vice Admissions are governed by Local Rule 83.1.

Documents Required for Pro Hac Vice Admission Process

Quick Overview of Pro Hac Vice Admission Process

1) Local counsel files an appearance in the case. *
2) Pro Hac Vice Attorney submits a CM/ECF Attorney Registration Form to **
3) The Attorney Admission Specialist processes the registration form and emails the username and password to the attorney seeking admission.
4) Pro Hac Vice Attorney electronically files a Motion for Leave to Appear Pro Hac Vice and pays the $100 fee.
5) After the Court grants admission, the Pro Hac Vice Attorney will be indexed by the Clerk to the case.

* Local counsel is not required to file a Pro Hac Vice application in criminal cases, and no fee is required.

** If the attorney has previously submitted a CM/ECF Attorney Registration Form for another case in the Southern District of Iowa and has a CM/ECF username and password, the attorney should not open a new account. The CM/ECF login information will remain the same unless changed by the attorney.

Additional Information for Pro Hac Vice Applications in Civil Cases

• In consolidated civil cases, only one motion and payment is necessary in the lead case.
• If an attorney is seeking admission Pro Hac Vice for the same client in another case, the attorney is required to submit a motion, but is not required to pay an additional Pro Hac Vice fee of $100. **

** The fee waiver is only applicable if the case in which the original $100 fee was paid is still pending. If the original case is no longer pending, the attorney must pay $100 fee.

Pro Hac Vice FAQ

  • Who can file the Motion to Appear Pro Hac Vice?

    The attorney seeking Pro Hac Vice admission may file their own motion, or local counsel may file the motion on behalf of the attorney seeking admission.

  • I filed for admission Pro Hac Vice in another court that was removed or transferred to the Southern District of Iowa. Do I need to file another motion in this Court and pay an additional fee?

    Yes. An attorney seeking to appear Pro Hac Vice in the Southern District of Iowa must comply with all admission requirements, regardless of admission in another court.

  • Do I need to submit another CM/ECF Registration Form if I was previously admitted Pro Hac Vice in another case?

    No. You may use your current account to file your Motion to Appear Pro Hac Vice without submitting another registration form. Please make sure you verify your account information is current and submit a Change of Address Form if necessary.