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Statutory Interpretation

Granting motion to dismiss as plaintiffs did not have independent cause of action under an ERISA statute.

Civil Rights

Denying defendants' motion to dismiss on grounds of qualified immunity.


Addressing issue of whether casino dealer on gambling boat is a ""seaman"" under Jones Act.

Senior District Judge Robert W. Pratt

Employment Law

Motion for class certification granted in part and denied in part.

Medicare/Social Security/ERISA/Similar Programs

Final decision of the Commissioner reversed and benefits awarded. Claimant has a combination of impairments which together equal a listed impairemnt

Employment Law

Motion for summary judgment granted.

Employment Law

Motion for summary judgment denied

Torts (Non-commercial)

Motion for summary judgment granted

Magistrate Judge Ross A. Walters

Civil Rights

Ruling on Def. M/Summary Judgment - Sec. 1983 taking of property and state law claims