FAQs: Attorney Admissions

  • My secretary has left and I have a new secretary. How do I remove the old email address and add the new email address?

    You may modify any email address in the ECF system by clicking on “Utilities”, “Maintain Your E-Mail”.  The primary and secondary email address both will display.  Click on the secondary email address and remove it from the box.  A blank box should appear for you to enter the new email address.  When complete, click on “submit all changes”.

  • What is my bar number?

    The Southern District of Iowa is currently using your Iowa Bar number for your federal bar number, however, it is not required on any document you may file at this time.

  • Can I find the date I was admitted to the federal bar on line?

    Not at this time.  You must contact the Clerk’s Office in Des Moines (515-323-2842) and they will look up your admission date.

  • If I have been inactive and wish to become a member in good standing the Southern District, what do I have to do?

    You may become active by filing an updated CLE report on line with a $50.00 fee. Forms can be found under the Attorneys, Continuing Legal Education section.

  • How do I let you know I am retired?

    You may contact the Clerk’s Office by phone at (515-323-2842) or send an email to iasd_attorneyreg@iasd.uscourts.gov so we can update your status.

  • If I just became a member of the bar, when do I submit my first CLE report?

    Your first CLE report will be due two years from your admission date. If your address is current in our ECF system, you will be mailed an "Attorney Biennial Report of Continuing Legal Education" at the appropriate time. Instructions for completing and filing the document are on the form and on this website at this location.

  • If I can't remember my login and password. How do I obtain it?

    You must contact the Clerk's Office in Des Moines (515-323-2842). If you are registered, an email containing your login and password will be sent to you.

  • How many carry over credit hours do I have from the last CLE report that I submitted

    It is up to the attorney to keep track of any carry over CLE hour credits for any future CLE report.