Iowa Federal Defender's Office Seminars (2005 - Present)

2254 / 2255 Procedure Renae Angeroth, Kay Bartolo, & Patty Trom-Bird Spring 2010
924(c) Prosecutions Kevin Cmelik Spring 2006
A View From the Bench Honorable John A. Jarvey Spring 2008
A Discussion with Our New U.S.
Stephanie Rose & Nick Klinefeldt Spring 2010
Alternatives to Incarceration Mike Smart Fall 2010
B.O.P. Issues: Designations Under § 3621 and 2nd Chance Act Mary Noland & Laura Mason Spring 2009
B.O.P. Policies & Procedures Brad Roux & Jeff George Spring 2007
Bondage, Removal, Raids, Ice Men,
Bars to Admission . . . and Yes,
We’re Talking Immigration
Angela Campbell & Priscilla Forsyth Fall 2007
Booker Strategies B. John Burns Spring 2006
Child Pornography & Photo Morphing Jay Clark Fall 2005
Crack Amendment B. John Burns Fall 2011
Credit for Jail time Mike Smart Spring 2011
Criminal Defense in Era of Social Media Jane Kelly & Diane Helphrey Spring 2011
Cross Examining Snitches Angela Campbell & F. Montgomery Brown Spring 2009
Defense of Child Pornography Cases Wally Taylor, Anne Laverty, & Steve Swift Fall 2006
Detention Hearings Bob Wichser & Mike Smart Fall 2009
Discovery - Panel Discussion Andy Kahl, Tim Ross-Boon, Jane Kelly, Angela Campbell Spring 2012
Discovery Procedures / Plea Agreements Steve O’Meara Spring 2006
Electronic Media Tim Ross-Boon & Ellen Workman Spring 2011
Ethics Leon Spies Fall 2011
Ethics Justice Mary Tabor Spring 2011
Ethics Trinity Braun-Arana Spring 2012
Evidence Laurie Doré Spring 2012
Eyewitness Identification Otto H. MacLin Fall 2010
Fast Track and Other Plea Agreement Issues Andy Kahl Spring 2012

Odds & Ends, and Ethics contained in each seminar presentation