Effective Jan 1, 2009, the Preliminary Presentence Investigation Reports will be filed electronically by the U.S. Probation Office.  Attorneys of record will be notified via the standard Notice of Electronic Filing (NEF).

Attorneys are required to file their Objections to Presentence Investigation Report (PSIR) directly into the criminal case file through the Case Management/Electronic Case Files (CM/ECF) system.  Until January 1, 2009 attorneys are directed by the Order for Status Conference and Concerning Submissions of Motions and Other Materials Involving Sentencing Issues, and Setting Sentencing Hearing to serve their objections to PSIR on opposing counsel and U.S. Probation within 14 days after the PSIR's intial disclosure.  Effective January 1, 2009, attorneys will be required to file their objections electronically. 

The new CM/ECF event will be found under Other Documents, and will be call Objection to Presentence Investigation Report.  The document will be sealed from public view, providing the correct event is used.  It will be viewable by court users and attorneys of record only, similar to the restrictions currently in the system on the Presentence Investigation Report event.  The CM/ECF system will provide electronic notice to opposing counsel and U.S. Probation, providing the correct event is used.  Following any objections, the Final Presentence Investigation Report will be filed electronically.

These changes are expected to make the reports and the objections centrally located on the case file and readily available to all the appropriate parties while maintaining their sealed status.