In March 2011, a public wireless network was installed in the Des Moines Courthouse.  Through this network, the Internet is accessible from all courtrooms and most public spaces in the building.  After connecting to the wireless network named “Attorney Wireless” and accepting a user agreement, access is completely open and unsecured for users.  The network was created primarily to aid counsel in accessing their office and other information while at federal court, but it can also be used by others in the building, such as sitting jurors, who, like attorneys and their employees, are allowed to bring electronic devices into the courthouse per Administrative Order 10-AO-3-P Use of Cell Phones in Courtrooms (LR 83.4.b.1).

While this network is sponsored by the Attorney Admission Fund Committee and is completely separate from the judiciary’s secure network, our Information Technology Department can assist if you are unable to connect, or need other support.  Please call the Help Desk at 515.284.6414 for assistance.

In the coming months, a public wireless network will also be added to the Davenport Courthouse.  None is planned at this time for Council Bluffs.