FAQs: jury

  • How do I respond to a qualification questionnaire?

    Your name has been drawn by random selection and you are being considered for jury service in the United States District Court. Trial by jury is a keystone of our justice system. Jury service is, therefore, both an opportunity and an obligation of every American. Jurors will receive mileage and, unless they are federal government employees, an attendance fee for each day of service.

    In order to determine whether you are qualified to serve pursuant to federal law, we must obtain some information from you. The information you provide to us is protected by secure socket layer (SSL) technology.  SSL is the leading security protocol for data transfer on the Internet.  This secure session helps protect the safety and confidentiality of your information.

    If you do not wish to complete the questionnaire online, you may complete and mail in the printed questionnaire included in your packet. If you do complete the questionnaire online, please do NOT mail the printed form.  The questionnaire needs to be completed and returned within ten days.  If your address changes after you have submitted this questionnaire, please update your record through e-Juror or contact the jury department at 515-284-6270 or IASD_Jury@iasd.uscourt.gov.

  • How was I selected for jury duty?

    Every two years in the forty-seven counties that form the Southern District of the federal court, referred to as the Southern District of Iowa, a listing of all citizens who are either registered voters, non-driver identification card holders, or licensed drivers is entered into a computer. The computer then is asked to randomly draw names of citizens who are considered potential jurors. Once the list is compiled, questionnaires are sent to all potential jurors. Completed questionnaires are then returned by these potential jurors to the Jury Administrator in the office of the Clerk of Court. From those responses an active list of qualified jurors is developed.  Summonses are mailed to qualified jurors, and those jurors are on call for approximately one month.  It is at this point that the qualified juror is asked to report for jury service at a specific location within the Southern District.